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Jay Bura - BarberJay Bura - Mens HairdresserOojufink is the way forward in barbering. We offer a fun and entertaining experience while you enjoy the very best in mens hairdressing.

Oojufink is the only professional barbershop in cardigan that offers a full service. From a wash, cut and finish, to cut throat shaving, colouring and specialist hair etchings.

The name Oojufink was invented by Jay Bura in the year 2000 as his DJ name. Although he continues to play from time to time, the name has become his nick name and tag. So it was only natural for him to use it as the name of his flagship.

It has been the dream for Jay Bura to open this shop, as it is now, ever since he started in the industry in the early nineties.

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Vote for us NOW!

Hi its Oojudoo and Oojufink here, please can you take the time to vote for us in the NHF Wales competition. Just follow the link below to register then vote for us in the Team, Hairdresser, Barber and Apprentice categories. Register to vote in the NHF Wales competition Thank you

NHF Wales Competition

Hi all, this is a request to you from all of us at Oojudoo and Oojufink to vote for us in the NHF Wales competition. So far we are in three categories but we may enter more later on this week. Please follow the links below, register and vote for us. Every vote counts so […]

The latest on the new improvements

Is been a while but we have now got another new water system arriving, as well as a new beauty salon and a kids salon/barbershop. The new paint job is going well for the kids salon got loads of ideas for fun murals that kids would like, just a matter of having the time to […]

BBC radio Wales

Wow what a difference a week makes the weather has been gloriously sunny and people are looking happier and TANNED! I made it into the local papers the Tivey Side and the Carmarthern Journal with some great write ups. Then to top it all off I had an in depth interview with BBC radio Wales […]

Barber Connect

Had a great time at Barber Connect, made loads of contacts and saw a lot of really inspiring stuff. Although I didn’t win the creative barber of the year, I spoke with Mike Taylor head of the British Barbers Association and he confirmed that I came third in the members vote. The five finalists are […]

Barber connect

Really looking forward to barber connect in Cardiff tomorrow, looks like there is going to be loads of stuff going on that will help the whole team. We are all going there and expect it to be a real laugh, though I am not sure what to expect from the British barbers associations creative barber […]

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